Initial support for Asix Sigma in Sigrok


Last year we worked on reverse engineering the Sigma logic analyzer to provide a decent Linux experience. The project stalled somewhat, but a few weeks ago, we we’re contacted by Bert Vermeulen from the Sigrok open source logic analyzer software. They wanted a driver for the Sigma, and asked if we could provide it. After some more work looking at the protocol, we were able to understand how to program the analyzer.

Because of potential copyright issues with regard to distributing the firmware, we contacted the vendor. They turned out to be very supportive of the project, and agreed to put the firmware under a license that allows redistribution. In addition, they provided detailed documentation of the protocol, which allow us to understand all the gritty details of the communication dialog.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce initial support for the Sigma in the Sigrok logic analyzer software. The driver is far from complete, as it only supports 200 MHz capture, and with only using software triggers. However, with the detailed specifications provided to us by Asix, and the continued dialog with their developers, we will bring full support for the Sigma to the Sigrok project.

The Asix Sigma is a nice piece of hardware with 16 channels and up to 200 MHz sample rate, available for € 298.- at ASIX’s homepage and from third party resellers.

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